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Come on, let's discuss what light luxury is
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Light luxury, that is, light luxury, is not cumbersome but also the pursuit of a low-key state.

Boningsi advocated a "no burden, quality" attitude towards life.

Not to walk in the front, not to show off praise, but to enjoy the good life.

This is Boningsi's understanding of contemporary luxury.

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"Boningsi light luxury" is a reflection on the concept of traditional luxury design.

Different from the previous luxury style, "low-key taste" is its core.

"Boningsi light luxury" is a low-key way to interpret luxury, a simple way to express temperament and taste.

Pay attention to the sense of design and comfort to create a higher quality taste of life.

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"Boningsi light luxury" curtain track adopts solid aluminum material, paying more attention to the line sense and texture of window track.

Unique zinc alloy logo design,

Perfect combination of aluminum alloy and marble,

The perfect combination of solid wood and home furnishings,

More classic and fashionable elements perfectly integrated.

Use rational and wise attitude to deduce high quality and simple and comfortable life attitude.

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There are four characteristics of Boningsi's luxury: 


The light luxury style originated from Germany pays attention to the simplicity of materials and lines, but it is not as casual as the general simple style. The seemingly simple and simple appearance often reflects a noble temperament, which is mostly reflected by materials, design, details and other elements.

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Integration of fashion and classic

Boningsi' luxury style emphasizes the design concept of fashion and classic elements.

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Warmth and comfort

The purpose of luxury design is to enjoy life. This kind of enjoyment is not the luxury vision, but the quality enjoyment of relaxation.

Someone has made a metaphor for light luxury. In the cold winter, a top-grade comfortable cashmere quilt can give you extremely gentle care.

This is exactly what "Boningsi light luxury" wants to achieve. In the environment without any constraints and pressure, it is hoped to create a warm home feeling that can completely relax the body and feel extremely comfortable.

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The pursuit of light luxury style is not in accordance with the inertia of the design, but the pursuit of unique personality is the driving force of low-key quality style design.

In fact, designing high-quality curtain track does not need too many complicated patterns, nor too cumbersome technology. It is enough to use a few unique and distinctive technologies to highlight their taste and aesthetics.

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