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Bonins in Shenzhen International Home Furnishing Exhibition
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Bonins in Shenzhen International Home Furnishing Exhibition

On August 9, 2019, Shenzhen international home furnishing Soft Decoration Expo was successfully concluded in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, and Foshan Boningsi window decoration factory was invited to attend the exhibition.

It shows the company's series of products such as Nordic wind Rome pole, super load-bearing flagship square rail, etc.

The exhibition has consolidated the existing cooperative relationship, explored a large number of potential customers, and laid a solid foundation for market development.

Bonins in Shenzhen International Home Furnishing Exhibition(图1)

The founder of Boningsi cooperated with the company's sales, design and customer service departments to participate in the exhibition.


During the exhibition, Boningsi launched online and friend circle publicity simultaneously, realizing online and offline double publicity. Maximize the transfer of brand value.

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Below the line, Boningsi innovatively put forward a curtain rod that can swing.

With the actual effect, we can see and touch the way, let the customers really feel the reliable quality of Boningsi.

This unique way of publicity has also attracted a large number of fans to punch in, experience and take photos of friends.

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At the same time, Boningsi also uses the power of the media to enhance its popularity.

CCTV, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao project team, paid a visit to Wu ganqiang, founder of Boningsi.


According to the characteristics of the product, as well as the future strategic planning, in-depth communication was carried out.

Finally, the brand was selected into CCTV's "brilliant 70 years, the road of national brand".

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The exhibition was fruitful, and the online effect was also gratifying.
During the exhibition, Boningsi put three advertisements for the curtain and curtain track crowd.


500000 accurate exposures in total. The exposure scope covers 419 large and medium-sized cities and 47 foreign and regional people.


Scientific positioning for the curtain industry crowd, find the target crowd for advertising.


Finally, 9500 action clicks can be achieved accurately. It has built a reliable mass base for the popularity promotion of Boningsi.

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Boningsi will always practice customer first, so that more customers enjoy safe and convenient home environment.


In terms of product design, Boningsi is based on the principle of "based on details, and never-ending business philosophy".


Pay attention to more details, let the product moisten things silently into the overall home environment.


With quality as the base, aesthetics as the auxiliary, practicality and aesthetics should be considered. Let Boningsi go deep into more people's hearts.

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August is destined to be the season for Boningsi to bloom.


The hot sun like Shenzhen, the passionate window decoration industry, witnessed the rising star of Boningsi.


To sit and watch the angler is to envy the fish. Boningsi has set sail. Join us and explore the stars and the sea!